Lye Kintandorrim

Our Four Lands

Islands of importance

History of the Moon Isles

The Fracture of the Nation

A Summary compiled by Iska Naïlo

Long ago our people spanned many Islands
A family of elves from Barad Tol grew greedy and allied with a gargantuan turtle dragon from the depths of the sea. It was a bloody and dark time. The ground upon which we lived betrayed us. Our capital was razed and scattered into the sea and with it much of our ancient histories were lost. For a time the Tower elves ruled the three Northern Islands of Lye Kintandorrim, but the well guarded harbour city of Tal Elena stood alone and relatively untouched by enemy hands. The Academy in conjunction with several noble houses banded together to break the alliance between the Tower elves and the turtle.
Faeron Aldaren, The grand-master of the academy confronted the dragon and put the beast to sleep. The remainder of the Tower elves’ fleet was sunk at the gates of Tal Elena.
The ruins of the other islands still bear the scars of our war. No one is known to live on them. Barely any elves have set foot on them since that time. From what I found most of our texts about Barad Tol have been blotted out.

Lye Kintandorrim

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